Satellite Data providers ConstellR and ScanWorld sign partnership for high-value agriculture data

Simon Pacheco Wolf

On the 16th of September 2021, we announced our Memorandum of Understanding with ScanWorld.

ScanWorld is a Belgium-based company that delivers products based on Earth Observation data, seeking to support regenerative agriculture and forestry worldwide.

ScanWorld also is developing an infrastructure to deliver affordable, easily accessible hyperspectral imagery and analytics

With this new partnership, ConstellR seeks, alongside ScanWorld to achieve the following:

ConstellR is excited and ready to work with ScanWorld to help us drive towards high-quality products that will help the agricultural sector, both in affordability and production.

Discussing, Progressing and Celebrating in May and June

Simon Pacheco Wolf

Welcome, to another (really) amazing and (totally) not late ConstellR blogpost!

We apologize for the blank space between the last blogpost and this one. Things should go back to normal from here on!.

That being said, buckle up to hear about everything ConstellR has been up to the last few months!

As we take on new challenges, we advance and our voice expands, we want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported us, so we could get as far as we have. The future is bright and we are more than excited to see how everything will play out.

Blogposts should come back to normalcy now that yours truly has finished his exams:) I appreciate the patience!


Starting the year strong with January and February

Simon Pacheco Wolf

What a beautiful start of the year, so much to do... Oh? What do you mean it's already March!? Ok, ok! I'm once again a little bit late, but good things make you wait, they say!

So buckle up, ladies and gents, for the January and February ConstellR blogpost!

As you can see, this was quite the start of the year! With news all around and with SXSW virtual event taking place this month, March is shaping up to be quite eventful as well! But that's for the Simon of the future to worry about ;)

Stay tuned for what's coming next and as always, best wishes from your ConstellR team!


The 2020 ConstellR recap

Simon Pacheco Wolf

2020 was, for all of us, a challenge, a test that we had to overcome, but for every bad thing 2020 has brought us, there was a good thing too.

In celebration of the new year, we want to highlight some of the most important happenings for the company in 2020, while looking forward to what 2021 has in store for us.

These are (mostly) in chronological order, enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed the first yearly recap of ConstellR, maybe you learned a thing or two that you didn't know had occurred this year,

We look forward to making 2021 an amazing year for all of us. Stay safe and stay tuned!


To Space and Beyond

Simon Pacheco Wolf

To many of us space has always been the final frontier to cross. Today it is with great pleasure that we announce: we are going to space, baby!

We will have the opportunity to show our technology on the International Space Station's (ISS) Bartolomeo platform.

The Bartolomeo platform was developed by Airbus to demonstrate that they can provide fast, low-cost access to space in a new space approach.

With the help of Fraunhofer and Airbus the ConstellR Technology will be on its pathway to becoming a part of the ISS and show to the world our approach for a low-cost, high-performance temperature monitoring technology.

ConstellR thanks Airbus for helping us move one step further with our mission to space and a better world.

We also invite you to read our official statement on our LinkedIn account for a more in-depth explanation about this new exciting development.

To close things up, I wanted to tell you to keep your eyes open for the October-November blogpost! We at ConstellR wish you great festivities!


An Action Packed August and September

Simon Pacheco Wolf

Welcome to the (totally not late for schedule) summary of the August and September events at ConstellR!

We hope you are ready because there's a lot to cover so buckle up!

Well, wasn't that all very exciting? I sure thought it was! We hope this exciting news were worth the wait!

You know the drill! Stay tuned for the October blogpost next month which (totally) won't come out late.


Faces Of ConstellR

Simon Pacheco Wolf

While we are certainly proud about what we send to space, this would not be possible without all those who remain on the ground: Our team of enthusiastic members, ranging from aerospace engineers, data scientists to software architects, and business developers.

This is why we want to dedicate an entire blog post (and probably more in the future) to the newest faces of ConstellR

This post is dedicated to Alex, Sai and, Daniel.

Expanding and becoming more than just a company is important to us. We hope that with this insight about our latest team members you can see how we strive for all faces of ConstellR to be appreciated and recognized.

They are also fun to be around when grilling :)


July of Angels and Accelerators

Simon Pacheco Wolf

July has been an incredible month and at ConstellR we've had a blast!

Here are some things that happened this July:

This month was packed with events and new and exciting happenings. We at ConstellR are have been enjoying our summer and goodness is it hot! Go out and enjoy! We promise to enjoy the sun whilst working hard. But that's just the PR-guy speaking :)

Stay tuned for August,


A June of Good BBQ

Simon Pacheco Wolf

Hey! Stop right there! Are you ready to hear all about our amazing June?!

Hopefully, you're ready for all the crazy things that happened last month at ConstellR!

Our team is ever-growing, just like our impatience to tell you more about the future of ConstellR, but for now, this is everything we share!

Stay tuned for what's coming!

Winners of the ESA'S startup competition

Simon Pacheco Wolf

Today, we have been announced as one of the winners of the ESA - European Space Agency startup competition.

We wanted to share some words and feelings, to tell you, what this price means to us.

On this momentous occasion, there are many memories and emotions that arise from very deep within our team. We are ecstatic, beaming with pride.

We have spent countless nights working, family-time has been sacrificed and we've gone through an uncountable amount of unsuccessful proposals. For our team, our determination and really for our happiness, this price shows that hard work and continuity pays off.

We think maybe the most touching fact about this whole ordeal is something that sits right in the heart and soul of the project. Because this idea was realized when we applied for the ESA Small Sat Sentinel Challange in the Copernicus Masters in 2017.

As a reminder, this challenge searched to create the most valuable mission concept in cooperation with the Sentinels for the least amount of money.

The heart of our project, that idea to create a high-resolution thermal mission on the basis of CubeSats was created back then. As all projects do, it underwent a massive technological evolution.

Problems appeared, challenges and difficulties, but the soul of the project stayed the same. That's our strongest and most unique selling point: We are a cooperative mission and we designed everything to work together with existing satellite infrastructure

This is the reason we can be as small and cost-effective and precise as we are. We work together, we cooperate with the giants.

So, to make it short, this prize, in particular the support and mentoring package, means that we are now recognized by the institution we set out to cooperate with.

So we are looking forward to working with you in a close feedback loop and I am 100% sure that our mission will make quantum leaps with your support, bringing its benefits a step closer to reality.

Maybe one day we will be ESA's third party missions and that day, another dream of ours would come true. That's what this prize is for us, a door for more dreams to come true.

Thank you for everything.

A May of Company

Simon Pacheco Wolf

We are back and happy to update you on our progress this May of 2020, which has been an incredibly eventful month.

Alright! Alright! So, what happened in May?

Stay tuned for more details! Maybe next time you hear from us, it will be from low earth orbit, who knows?

This year's digital innovators and new partnerships

Simon Pacheco Wolf

We at ConstellR are overjoyed to be one of the winners of this year's digital innovation award, given to us by the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

Winning awards is always something we are proud of and celebrate, but we are even happier to see the German government's support for ConstellR's endeavours to raise the world's food production by 50% before 2050.

But wait! That's not all the good news we have for today!

We are also happy to announce our Memorandum of Understanding with Tenchijin, a space venture company founded by JAXA staff.

We are looking forward to cooperating with them to provide benefits not only for current but also for future agriculture, in places such as Japan and Asia.

Our team is always working it's hardest to improve the world, one satellite at a time.

Things are going really well, expect to hear more good news in the near future!

The hot, the cake and the employee

Simon Pacheco Wolf

The world is a tad crazy these days and at ConstellR, we try to play our part.

Want to know what these crazy things are?

  • Being hot can be good. Being amongst the hottest is actually great: We are nominated for The Europas! It doesn't get much hotter than this. If you give us in the AgTech and our friends Hawa Dawa in the ClimateTech category a vote, you'll make our day!
  • Even amid the pandemic and many minor obstacles ... We exist!
  • We are hiring. Who? Well, maybe you. We will start posting job descriptions on LinkedIn soon!
  • Sadly, we have come to the conclusion that, cake is not an option to feed humanity, but what is?
  • To finish with the news, this month's random fact: More than 70% of global freshwater consumption is linked to agriculture! For this reason, increasing the water efficiency in agriculture is so important

Before we wrap things up, please welcome Simon, our newest team member and first intern at ConstellR. Simon has a multinational background and is fluent in Spanish, English, and German.

He currently lives and works in Freiburg and supports us in all things social media (like this post). Glad to have you with us, Simon! Things have been awesome for the project these past few weeks, despite of complications things are moving behind the curtains and we are impatient to tell you all about it.

Stay tuned for what's coming!

Staying Seriously Serious

Max Gulde

Within the current chaos, at ConstellR, we are doing our best to find the bright side of working from home.

The Bright Side of Life

At ConstellR, we are now all enjoying every lunch at home with our loved ones.

At ConstellR, we have now a lot more time to play with our kids.

At ConstellR, we save time every day from not commuting to work.

At ConstellR, we enjoy the sunny afternoon hours outdoors and instead work in the evenings.

At ConstellR, as we are mostly engineers and physicists, we are already well-trained in social distancing.

What else happened in march?

All contracting for launching and operating our demonstrator in space is well on the way.

We had the pleasure to pitch (remotely) at the invite-only ESA Investment Forum and got some great feedback.

How do you survive times of economic uncertainty as a startup? Our friends from Seraphim Space Camp had some great advice.

We are honoured to be part of the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg.

We signed an agreement with OKAPI:Orbits to keep New Space clean and tidy.

Work on our first EO product (let us surprise you) is going as planned.

Stay tuned for more details!

Two Nights in Paris

Max Gulde

What’s better than pitching below a Concorde? Pitching below two of them. Even at cryogenic conditions in Paris, we managed to win the Innovation Challenge at Paris Space Week.

In Other News

How far is it to Stuttgart? It depends where you are, right? No, it doesn’t. To Stuttgart, it’s exactly 3.26156 light-years = 1 parsec = our next accelerator. We have been selected to be one of one hundred startups to participate. Nice.

PARSEC is a business accelerator supporting the creation of new Earth Observation-based products and services. The accelerator targets SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and researchers who want to have an impact on the emerging Food, Energy and Environment sectors. With the support of PARSEC, our ideas will be developed into solutions fueled by the benefits of EO.

Starting with the boot camp in Stuttgart from the 27.-29th of March, we are going to continue our journey to find new cooperation partners. We are looking forward to jointly work on our goal to enable new services in the agriculture sector and other industries based on our high-resolution Land Surface Temperature Monitoring mission.

Sustainable space: Together with our partner, Dr. Gerwin Wulf, from the University of Freiburg, we have been selected by the Sustainability Center Freiburg as one of the startups to be supported by their funding program. Thanks!

We are proud to announce that we have been selected for the Exist Tech Transfer Program of the Federal Ministry of Economics. Starting this week, we have funding for the next 2.5 years and a complete in-orbit-demonstration of our technology. Let’s spell that out again. W-E A-R-E G-O-I-N-G T-O S-P-A-C-E. Woohoo!

Stay tuned for more details!

With Copernicus into 2020

Max Gulde

We are honoured to be one of the Copernicus Accelerator portfolio companies.

Copernicus Accelerator

The Copernicus Accelerator is a 12-month tailor-made coaching programme which provides a challenging, inspiring and inclusive setting for you to take your idea or project to the next level. Imagine having access to the right tools, support and advice to turn your business case into an impactful commercial solution. What if you could draw on an impressive network of like-minded innovators, take advantage of informative monthly training sessions and benefit from consistent one-on-one guidance from an expert mentor of your choice? Well, ConstellR is now part of this network.

After winning the Copernicus Masters ESA 4.0 Challenge 2019, out vision to revolutionise the temperature monitoring market has been featured on the Copernicus Accelerator homepage. In particular, our planet's land surface temperature is an important indicator of environmental changes and can help us to monitor and forecast critical factors in agriculture, natural disasters and infrastructure management. ConstellR will answer the emerging market need for this data by offering daily global coverage and unprecedented spatial resolution.

For more timely information, please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

For more information on Abu Dhabi

Max Gulde

CLIX here. But first of all, a Happy New Year 2020! We have been selected as on of 42 finalists out of more than 1400 applications to enter the Climate Innovation Exchange Startup Competition during the World Future Energy Summit 2020.

World Future Energy Summit

The annual World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi is the leading global industry event and exhibition for future energy, cleantech and sustainability. Bringing together government and business leaders, 800 specialist exhibitors and 33,500 visitors from 170 countries, it showcases pioneering technologies and ground-breaking thinking in energy, energy efficiency, water, solar, waste and smart cities.

CLIX – the Climate Innovations Exchange, launched in 2018, supports the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment strategy to enable the sourcing and funding of climate change solutions and technologies. CLIX is a unique global marketplace located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, a World Future Energy Summit initiative and a part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week connecting entrepreneurs, innovators and investors on a global level to enable partnerships that will power climate change solutions through knowledge, innovation and funding.

First: Thank you, Carbon Limiting Technologies, for selecting us as one of the finalists in the sustainability in space column of the event. As only one out of six space startups in this event, we felt honored to have been so centrally visible right next to the UAE Space Agency. Furthermore, we were completely blown away by the level of professionalism and enthusiasm presented during the 4-day event. To make it short: Fantastic venue coupled with a great atmosphere and many, many important contacts. Alf shukran!

Startups, if you ever have the chance, we can highly recommend this event. Nowhere else have we ever had so many intriguing discussions and opportunities offered in such a short amount of time. I must confess that I did not consider the UAE as an important player in the space sector before I visited, and I am happy to say that I was wrong.

And the winner is...

Max Gulde

… well, us, of course. ConstellR! During this year's European Space Week in Helsinki, our nifty little start-up won the one and only Space Hans (We are German, after all, and not allowed to use the name "Oscar" anymore.) of the ESA Copernicus 4.0 Challenge.

Feed humanity

The United Nations predicts that humankind will need about 50% more food within the next 30 years. 50% more food without a substantial increase in agricultural area and despite climate change. The only way out is to make farming more efficient.

With ConstellR, we will install the world’s first system in orbit, which can daily and globally access the state of health of our crops on the single field level. And we can do so at 3% of the cost of traditional systems, using our patent-pending miniaturization technology. Without any compromises.

This system will deliver data to address a multi-billion US dollar market and support political and industrial decision-makers in better predicting and substantially increasing crop yield, in timely reacting on environmental changes, and in dramatically saving our planet's most precious resource: freshwater.

We are happy to state that we have funding to launch our in-orbit-demonstration and start building the constellation by 2021. So, if you are looking for high-resolution thermal infrared data, look no further. Contact us!

“ConstellR provides an intriguing opportunity to benefit our stressedout biosphere: The idea does not only propose cutting-edge sensor technology to be installed in orbit, it also provides for the CubeSat to carry it and for the launch to make all that happen within a short time frame. This package is a unique feature, and it has convinced me to vote for it.”

– Dr Thomas Beer, Copenicus Policy Coordinator, European Space Agency (ESA-ESRIN)

Double Trouble in Houston and Bremen

Max Gulde

Yes, you heard correctly: Meet us next week in the US and in Europe, where we are attending both major space expos. Christian Mittermaier will pitch us to the finals in Houston, Max Gulde will impress the audience of the panel session in Bremen.

America’s Commercial Space Conference and Exposition

SpaceCom addresses the strategic issues impacting the commercial space industry that will enable your business to set a clear course to gain a competitive advantage in the coming trillion-dollar space economy.

ConstellR will be joining SpaceCom to compete as a semi-finalist in the Top 30. We will also be hosting exhibit #652 in the StartUp pavilion.

Europe’s meeting place for space business, technology & innovation

Space Tech Expo Europe returns to Bremen, Germany on 19-21 November 2019 drawing attendance of more than 4000 industry leaders, decision makers, engineers, specifiers and buyers to meet manufacturers and the entire space supply chain.

The free-to-attend trade fair will showcase the very latest technology from technical designers, electrical and avionic sub-systems suppliers, manufacturers and components through to systems integrators for civil, military and commercial (aero) space. More than 400 leading suppliers at the event include ArianeGroup, OHB, Fraunhofer, Baader Planetarium GmbH, ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space BV, Tyvak, SCISYS, EXOLAUNCH, and PTScientists GmbH.

We are happy to meet you at Space Tech Expo in Bremen. Find us at our stand 5031 and listen to Max’s talk on Thursday on “Increasing Tech Capabilities to Strengthen Data Applications for AgriTech, Urban Management and Environmental Monitoring” session on the Smallsats Conference, 10:15 – 11:00 am.

New for 2019: Smallsats at Space Tech Expo Europe

Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 will provide a focused exhibit and sessions area dedicated to Smallsats highlighting opportunities for this fast-growing sector of the industry, including:

  • 70+ exhibiting companies covering the Smallsat and launcher supply chain, including manufacturing, applications, operations and data processing
  • Three days of dedicated forum sessions specific to Smallsats
  • Product demonstrations showcasing cutting-edge technology
  • Startup company innovation displays

The Final(s) Frontier

Max Gulde

Oh wow, that is some awesome piece of news: ConstellR has been nominated as one of three finalists for the ESA COPERNICUS 4.0 CHALLENGE!

Copernicus Masters

The Copernicus Masters is an international competition that awards prizes to innovative solutions, developments and ideas for business and society based on Earth observation data. Big data produced by Earth observation holds huge potential for the creation of innovative products and services.

A wide variety of industries and areas of public interest stand to profit from the advances of the Copernicus programme.

AZO launched the Copernicus Masters in 2011 on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) and with strong support of world-class partners as part of their mission to foster the User Uptake of Copernicus services.

The Copernicus Masters has developed into the moving force promoting cutting-edge solutions. Annually, different prize categories tackle global challenges with revolutionary competition entries in the fields of agriculture, energy, health and digital transport – just to name a few.

Register now for the European Space Week 2019!

Deep Tech Pioneer

Max Gulde

What a way to end this week: Out of over 5000 applications ConstellR has been selected to be one of the most promising deep tech start ups to "solve humanity’s biggest challenges".

We are deeply proud and honoured to receive the invitation to present our approach and give insights into our developments during next year's Global Summit in Paris on 12th-13th March 2020!

Hello Tomorrow

Unlocking the power of deep tech to solve our toughest global challenges. A competition designed for science and deep tech entrepreneurs.

Hello Tomorrow believes "in the need for radical transformation in the way we eat, move, power and run our industries. This transformation can be supported by several waves of powerful technologies. What we refer to today as “deep technologies”, cutting-edge tech applied in digital, quantum physics, biology and new materials, offer new innovative production methods. These technologies hold unparalleled potential, yet require unprecedented resources, energy and collaboration to bring positive change to our planet, society and industries."

Happy to join!

Seraphim Space Camp

Max Gulde

Finally! Nine intense weeks are lying behind us. During this time, we've been guided by Seraphim Space Camp and their selected partners to rethink our approaches, focus our strategy and sharpen our message.

The hard work culminated in one fantastic event, where seven very promising start ups presented themselves during InvestorDay. So proud, that ConstellR was selected to be one of them! With the insights we gained, we will now continue our way to deliver high-resolution thermal infrared EO data to enable "thermal intelligence".

It was a pleasure to meet all of you! Good luck and all the best for the future Hawa Dawa, VEOWARE SPACE, aXenic, Methera, Trik and Xona!

Keep the pace, change the world. And last but not least, again a very big thank you to the whole Seraphim Space Camp team! Keep up the good work!

Seraphim Space Camp

Backed by Seraphim Capital, the world’s only SpaceTech Venture Fund, Seraphim Space Camp is a programme dedicated to the rapidly growing SpaceTech start-up sector. "We’re on a mission to help Seed & Series A SpaceTech companies become sector-specific ‘investment-ready’ and to facilitate commercial relationships with unique space corporate partners."